About Elmangos



ELMANGOS is a boutique firm with a mission to connect businesses and facilitate discussions within emerging Islamic financial markets, Shari’ah-compliant economies, and take part in building technologically advanced ventures to solve the ever-changing economic and financial challenges. Since its inception in 2016, the company has partnered with key business leaders in the Islamic Finance world throughout the years, including senior government officials, investors worldwide, giant corporations and SMEs, and over 4400+ participants online and offline across various continents.

Official Partner


The Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB) is a professional public institution established by the relevant provision of the Banking Law. The TKBB is the main representative of the participation banking sector in Turkey and works with the government, regulators and other stakeholders to increase public awareness and understanding of the contribution the sector makes to the Turkish economy. The TKBB has a range of working committees to support member banks’ priority issues and also conducts extensive training programmes. 

Turkiye Katilim Bankalari Birligi


ADFIMI, which stands for Association of National Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in Member Countries of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), was established as an autonomous independent international organization. We, as ADFIMI, are a non-profit association of development finance institutions with nearly 38 members from 17 countries. Our core activities consist of organising training programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences and conducting research for the benefit of our members with the objective of establishing networking and solidarity among them.

Multilateral Partner



Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) is a multilateral development finance institution and a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB).
ICD was established to support the economic development of its member countries through the provision of financing for private sector projects, the promotion of competition and entrepreneurship, advice to governments and private companies, and cross-border investment.

Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia) is a multilateral development bank (MDB), working to improve the lives of those we serve by promoting social and economic development in Member countries and Muslim communities worldwide, delivering impact at scale. The ISDB Group works toward insuring investments and export credit by effectively utilizing existing and
innovative, technical knowledge, funding instruments, direct investment, and various financial products and advisory services. It offers investment opportunities through the organization of business conferences, seminars, and investment forums in member countries and non-member countries.


Islamic Fintech



EthisX, regulated by Sultanate of Oman Capital Market Authority, is a cross-border Ethical Private Capital Marketplace platform that focuses on sustainable and impact-driven crowd-investments and financing. Operated by Ethis Investment Platform LLC which is part of the award-winning Ethis Group, the platform serves to digitally connect startups, funds and growth companies with HNWIs, the mass and emerging affluent retail segments, and corporate investors seeking to provide shariah-compliant funding. We exist to #circulategood. Our deep desire to create a more ethical form of finance has attracted significant finance and community leaders to support our vision and mission.

PayDay Takaful

PayDay Takaful is a next generation technology partner to insurersbanks and employers to empower employees in an efficient way for companies to strengthen their workforce and have a positive impact that goes beyond the workplace.


IFIN is the first Bahraini FinTech company. Powered by the unmatched industry experience and proven track record of its founding partners, IFAAS and Path Solutions, IFIN is geared to redefine the shape of Islamic financing.

Gold Partner



Autobitco is a Peer-to-Peer(P2P) online crypto trading marketplace to exclusively focus on Stablecoins. Currently, we are offering bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) for trading in the platform, with plans to include more stablecoins (like USDC & BUSD) in the near future.

We offer unlimited trading volume, 350+ methods of settlement, Escrow protected services as well as a custom-developed end-to-end encrypted built-in messaging app for traders to feel safe and have privacy.

Phi Gold Wallet

As a licensed Gold dealer in Portugal, Phi has a mobile app that allows users to sell and transfer investment grade gold bars at any time, from almost every corner of the world!

Whether you’re looking to save money for the security of your children’s futures, to plan for your own retirement or even just a safe long-term investment, Phi Wallet is the way to go!